Founder & Communications Coordinator.

After graduating from college with a BA Honors in Marketing, Daniel gained a tremendous amount of insight and experience by traveling through SEA, Australia, and New Zealand for 3 years. This cultural exposure and subsequent life events led him to found Conscious Communications with the intent of helping small businesses and non-profits thrive in their missions to improve our own social and environmental landscapes.

He has built a portfolio of industry experience in non-profit communications and social media expertise, as well as web-design and multi-media projects.

Outside of work Daniel enjoys nature walks with his wife and rescue dog 'Milk', as well as traveling and photography.

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"My drive comes from wanting to help less fortunate people and our planet. There are so many fantastic organizations making a difference, instead of trying to compete for resources with them, I wanted to do anything that we can to help them further their mission. Equality and the environment are two huge topics right now that need to be prioritized, we want to be positive influences for these crucial movements"