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Guest Post: Anna Coffee. Social & Environmental Responsibility in the Vacation Rental Industry

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

More and more consumers are asking companies to practice social and environmental responsibility when conducting business and the companies in the vacation rental industry space are no exception. As an HR manager at Vacasa, the number one vacation rental company in the United States, I have seen the company grow and adopt practices that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities in which we operate. Here are a few ways that I think companies in this industry can make a big difference:

As an HR manager at Vacasa...I have seen the company grow and adopt practices that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities in which we operate.

  1. Hire locals! Instead of “importing talent”, companies should strive to hire candidates from a diverse candidate pool in the towns and cities that they are operating in. This not only helps to boost the local economy and people in the community but allows companies to enjoy the advantage of their local expertise when providing suggestions or advice to visiting guests!

  2. Pay liveable wages! It’s important for companies to take care of their employees and one of the main ways they can do that is by paying them a fair and livable wage in line with the labor market in which they live.

  3. Go paperless! Using software like DocuSign to utilize electronic signatures for contracts and other paperwork helps to reduce paper waste in the office and for prospective employees, owners, and guests.

  4. WFH! Encourage employees to work remotely when possible as this helps to reduce the need for additional offices, eliminating employee commute time and pollution, electricity, office supplies, etc. With technology, employees are still able to collaborate and connect on a regular basis virtually!

  5. Choose environmental-friendly supplies! After each guest stays, a housekeeping team cleans each unit and because of how frequently this happens, it’s important to pick non-toxic cleaning supplies that will not harm guests, pets, or the environment.

  6. Get involved! By hiring locals, companies can have representatives involved in the communities, volunteering at local events, attending city council meetings, and partnering with local institutions! By creating strong community ties, the company can become a trusted and chosen brand by the community.

By making a conscious choice to implement socially and environmentally responsible practices in the workplace, companies are attracting consumers while simultaneously investing in the future, so what’s there to lose?


Anna Coffee is an HR manager for Vacasa in Portland, Oregon

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