• Daniel Prynne

How We Started Our Mindful Digital Marketing Agency - Our First Client

First let me start off by saying, all of our clients are important. Whether we are writing a stand-alone blog, or constructing a highly integrated digital marketing plan, each and every client receives the same one-on-one collaboration and consideration. However, the story of how we came to partner with the EndBrainCancer Initiative is different from our traditional client/agency relationship.

In 2018 our co-founder, and my wife, Melinda, was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma, later to be confirmed as brain cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and plenty of difficult times followed, but two years later, she is healthy and cancer-free and we are determined to put the treatment, trauma, and uncertainty behind us.

This experience led to a realignment of priorities in our lives and ultimately to the calling of helping impact organizations spread their missions far and wide. Enter, EndBrainCancer. Whilst looking for volunteer opportunities I was guided to their site and encouraged to apply. I had social media experience from a previous role and was happy to hear that they were looking for help in that area.

This quickly expanded from an Instagram volunteer, to a communications coordinator role overseeing all social media platforms, content, and engagement on a daily basis as well as establishing and maintaining organizational relationships and collaborations. It was this initial role that led to the forming of Conscious Communications, and the pursuit to use digital marketing as a tool to help non-profits and social enterprises have a more effective positive impact.

The positive impact and ultimate goal of EBCI is to directly connect patients to specialists and treatments that many people don’t know are available to them. This type of personalized treatment plan is revolutionary to the industry with so many different organizations, and inconsistent approaches being used, across the world. As well as directly assisting patients and caregivers, EBCI is also a firm patient advocate when it comes to policy-making and regulations, and acts as the patient voice when establishing corporate partnerships and outreach initiatives.

With the many moving parts of EBCI clear communication is key. Through effective social media strategy and management, we have been able to create a consistent message of outreach, education, and partnership across all platforms in unique ways. Our strategy has been extremely successful using the traditional measures of following and engagement. However, more importantly, EBCI is now able to utilize their social following and trust within the brain cancer community as part of their corporate partnerships. By knowing that the organization is so embedded in the community, medical corporations are seeking out EBCI to bridge the gap between advanced life-saving treatments and the patients that desperately need them.

"This work has been rewarding on many different levels and I am proud that it plays such a huge role in the founding of Conscious Communications. "

To explore the thriving social media platforms of the EndBrainCancer Initiative follow the links below:

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